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Factors Affecting On The Selection Of Apparels
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A man without practical knowledge is just like a rough diamond. To shine like a real diamond one must have practical exposure of what he has learnt. For the management students, theoretical knowledge is just like lock without key, so practical knowledge is of utmost importance. It is quite true that world outside; your cosy home is many times quite different from what you have perceived. Similarly it is possible that theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom may differ from the practical knowledge. As a curriculum part of M.Com. course, I have undertaken my project in Ahmedabad city to know about Factors Affecting on the Selection of Apparels: with Special Reference to Ahmedabad City It is my pleasure to present this project work after; I had finished my project at Ahmedabad. This project has expanded my horizon of knowledge in practical as well as theoretical, which is vital for student in MANAGEMENT level studies. Only the basic understanding of the principles of MANAGEMENT is...

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