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Grading individuals in group assignments
от 5 932 руб.

High quality software is produced by high quality developers. But in order to become a high quality developer it is required to have proper training and guidance. The focus of this book is to assess the quality of the individual student and to give personal advice for improvement. In group coding assignments, usually, all students are equally graded based on the quality of the software produced. This method works, but can hardly be called a fair method; it is quite possible for some students to work harder or better than others and this would not be noticed using this method. Likewise, it is possible some students introduce a lot of errors, without even noticing this. This book describes a method to show the amount of work produced by individual students and gives an indication of the quality of their work, based on the project history, in order to make the grading of students more fair and to support students where needed in order to improve their skills. This book should be...

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