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Special Children And Family Care
от 7 155 руб.

No family is prepared for the presence of a disabled child. Therefore the presence of a disabled child shakes the family to its foundation. Parents in every society play complex roles in training & socialization of their children. These responsibilities become more difficult, perplexing & arduous in the case of disable children. The parents of a disabled child face more problems than normal ones in terms of medical care and upbringing. Along with affection guidance & control one gives to any child, he also needs help in unusual problems. Like all other children, a disabled child is born into a family & remains a lifelong member of that family. Among all the social institutions, schools, community, peers & family, the family is universally regarded as exerting the most significant influence on the child’s development as it provides care, support protection, guidance & direction to children. Every family being different from other provides a wide variety of living arrangements &...

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