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On History & Archaeology
от 5 016 руб.

The book On History & Archaeology - An Analytical Approach deals with the different cultural trends and traditions prevailing in the society. Our objective is to present a comprehensive cultural picture of ancient as well as modern India in its varied dimensions and perspectives. We have collected the articles comprising the field of Music, Paintings, Survey, Colonial India, Bhakti Movement and from horticulture also. The article related to nirgunbhakti and horticulture in the reign of Akbar is worth reading. The other articles related to music, Sufi Tazkiras , colonial India and trade of opium deserve the attention. Art and religion are the basic and significant factor of any civilization. The material and spiritual aspects of a culture are represented in the artistic and religious manifestations. Through the ages people of different regions and religions have expressed various facts of their thought through the media of art.We have discussed the paintings on the pottery of the PGW...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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