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Epidemiology Of Lower Limb Fractures And Ambulatory Rehabilitation
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Fractures of the lower limb presents initially with ambulatory impairment, the outcomes of its rehabilitation may be regaining premorbid ambulatory status or ambulatory dysfunction.The physiotherapist’s understanding what the lower limb means to the patient puts the patient and the whole rehabilitation in the right perspective. Most men had fractures of the lower limb during their early age from Road Traffic Accidents while female sustained lower limb fractures mostly from accidental falls during the later years of life. The poor outcome of lower limb fractures in the elderly could be explained by the level of deconditioning that come with long periods of acute hospitalization. Fall prevention strategies reduce the incidence while early and more physical therapy sessions are associated with satisfactory outcomes of rehabilitation. The contribution of motorcycle injuries to lower limb fractures is expected to increase due to the explosion in commercial motorcycles; strict...

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