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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is divided into two etiologic categories: psychogenic and organic. Vascular insufficiency is probably the most common cause of ED. The pelvic floor muscles play a role in sexual activity, its voluntary activity is more efficient in potent men in comparison to impotent men matched by age which supports the idea that pelvic floor inefficiency may be related to ED. In this book, we discuss the normal anatomy & physiology of penile erection and the different types & causes of ED also we talk about the available methods of treatment especially the role of pelvic floor rehabilitation in treatment of venogenic ED. To confirm this hypothesis, 30 patients with venogenic ED were evaluated and examined for the value of pelvic floor rehabilitation program and interestingly many patients were improved. Considering these data, pelvic floor rehabilitation program through physiotherapy may improve penile erection; it provides noninvasive method of treatment that is...

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