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Assesment of sexual risk behaviours among in-school youth
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Contemporary threats to adolescents' health are primarily the consequence of risk behaviors and their related adverse outcomes. Identifying factors associated with adolescents' risk behaviors is critical for developing effective prevention strategies. A number of risk factors have been identified, including familial environment. Seventy three (23.2%) respondents had ever had sexual intercourse with an individual of the opposite sex. Disaggregated by sex, 55 (25.0%) of males had had sex compared to 18 (19.4%) of females. Twenty two students (33.3%) reported having had two or more sexual partners in their lifetime (range 1-7, average1.56). In the logistic regression analyses, controlling for observed covariates, age more than 20 years [OR= 2.85; 95%CI= 1.07 to 7.59], having peer pressure to have sex [OR= 4.43; 95%CI= 2.02 to 9.69] and perceived family connectedness [OR= 0.96; 95%CI= 0.92 to 0.99] continued to be significantly.

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