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Municipal Waste Management and Its Impact
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Solid waste management is one among the basic essential services provided by municipal authorities in the country to keep urban centers clean.But the maximum municipalities in Bangladesh are not still capable to deal with this issue strongly. The purpose of this research paper is to a complete investigation of the problems as well as the impacts of the mismanagement of this basic essential service. The entire system of the study area is fragile. Only some sorts of wastes are collected through some broken bins. Waste transportation and dumping is irregular. No scientific method is applied in this process. Day by day this situation is going to worse to worst.In this research work at first the overall picture in all the stages related with solid waste management was tried to draw with a critical evaluation. Then the problems in each stage were identified.Later the impacts of this mismanagement were tried to be marked.Basically, Solid waste management procedure can be improved by applying...

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