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The Hyperhuman World
от 6 039 руб.

The world population is now close to seven billion and many argue that by 2040 this amount could reach nine billion. We are aware that we cannot look back to the past for solutions, and indeed that there is no going back. So, what can we do? Our species seems to adopt an evolutionary solution: we are moving from a human society to a hyperhuman world. The hyperhuman world is a new possibility of systemic evolution. This system will likely be managed by knowledge intensive elitarian flows generators of radical innovation and thus riconfigurational. These elites are highly qualified in terms of intellectual and managerial skills who have moved beyond the classic dichotomy between the hard sciences and the humanities towards a third culture model. Hyperhuman is already here because we have a global bio-economy in which artificial insemination, GMO, the potential advent of cloning of humans belong to now, not only to tomorrow,the synergy among genetics, nanotechnology, computer science...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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