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Children of Iranian Asylum-Seekers in Turkey
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This thesis analyzes thew construction of children of Iranian asylum-seekers' national and religious identity who are dwelling in Kayseri , Turkey. The research was conducted through semi-structured in depth interviews. Childhood experiences of the children were investigated profoundly by taking into consideration of related identity theories. "I am thinking about Iran very often. I miss my grandparents, my uncle and my friends. At times we talk on the phone with my grandparents. I want to be in Iran" (14 year old girl, Azerbaijani) "I don't want to live in Turkey for a long time. Here, everything is old. Armchairs, carpets, clothes , our home....We have to live on such a little money. I am aware of everything. I have to be contented with my present life. (10 years old girl, Shi'i)

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