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A Phenomenological Study of Quark Structure of Baryons
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The study of internal structure of baryons is considered as one of the active areas in hadronic physics as it provides valuable insight into the nonperturbative aspects of QCD. The structure of baryons at low energies is probed through the spin and flavor dynamics of quarks. In low energy regime, Chiral constituent quark model with spin-spin generated configuration mixing successfully explains the spin and flavor structure of baryons. The application of this model has been extended to study the various low energy hadronic matrix elements having implications for the flavor and spin dynamics. In particular, a satisfactory fit is obtained for the quark and antiquark flavor distribution functions, magnetic moments, charge radii, quadrupole moments, weak vector and axial-vector form factors, etc.. We have found a good overall agreement with experimental data as well as with other phenomenological models. The results can perhaps be substantiated by a measurement of the these observables by...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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