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Rice Yellow Mottle Virus
от 6 039 руб.

Rice is the staple food for millions of people in Africa. Sustainable rice production in the continent is threatened principally by diseases, with rice yellow mottle virus being the most economically important. The disease has the propensity to lead rice to the verge of extinction in sub-Saharan Africa. It is apparently the most difficult virus to control owing to the diverse means of its transmission. This book elucidates on the impact of insect vector migration distance in the epidemiology of the disease, the pattern of spread of the virus in rice fields, the location of the virus in the body of insect vectors, among others. The book sheds light on basic facts that could facilitate the development of a holistic approach of managing the disease. It is especially useful for professionals in higher institutions of learning and agricultural research institutes in diverse fields of agriculture including entomology, breeding and genetics, plant pathology, biotechnology, molecular biology...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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