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Crop Loss Estimation and Management of Sorghum Shoot bug
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Natural infestation of shoot bug, Peregrinus maidis (Ashmead) resulted in the yield loss of 11.16, 21.11 and 2.97 per cent in grain yield, fodder yield and 1000-grain weight, respectively across different dates of sowing. The unprotected plot recorded significantly higher sorghum stripe disease incidence (18.72%) as compared to protected ones (9.51%). Under graded level of infestation, the yield reduction ranged from 7.1 to 51.3 per cent and 9.1 to 49.7 per cent in grain and fodder yield with release of 5 to 30 first instar nymphs per plant, respectively. The economic injury level of shoot bug was worked out to be 3.13 bugs per plant. Among the 80 genotypes screened against shoot bug the lines viz., 61611, 61612, CK 60B, Swati, and RS-29 were promising by recording lower population (...

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