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PVDF as material for active element of twisting-ball displays
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In this study we demonstrated the possibility of using PVDF as a material of the active element for twisting-ball displays. The process of functionalization and covering the PVDF particles' surface, and poling and coloring the particles was proposed and tested in the case of a functional model of the display element. It was found that the ATRP reaction can be used for chemical functio¬nali-zation and grafting of spherical PVDF particles with polystyrene. The copper catalyst, consisting of mixture of CuCl and CuCl2 in complex with TREN was used for the initiation of the process. The rate of the grafting process as well as the properties of the polystyrene layer could be governed through variation of the ratio of copper salts used, but also by variation of the reaction time. These results were in agreement with the general mechanism of ATRP reactions, and provided a good possibility for optimization of the surface functionalization technology.

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