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Solar Driven Thermopiles for Microgeneration
от 6 039 руб.

A study was conducted on the potential that solar thermoelectric generation (STEG) has in the market of renewable energies, primarily for onsite generation. Seebeck effect is discussed and an explanation given of the phenomenon and how it underpins the theory behind thermoelectric solar generation. Historic use of thermoelectric effect is detailed and discussed and comparisons are made between thermoelectric generators and photovoltaic devices. Comparative efficiencies between STEG and PV are discussed to illustrate the mountain solar thermoelectric generation must climb to reach levels already achieved by commercial photovoltaic panels. Linked to this, cost-per-watt values of various PV and TEG technologies were compared and conclusion drawn that STEG can compete with PV in terms of cost-per-watt. The investigation of secondary data ends with a field test of STEG and PV samples to gather primary data with the main purpose of assessing the benefits. of incorporating...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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