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Dust in Atmospheric Aerosols Related to Radiative Transfer Algorithm
от 5 016 руб.

It is globally achieved that Dust is part of Natural Aerosols quantity in air, with dimension from 1 to 10 microns. Dust could affect both human health, for breath disease, and local and global climate system, acting as condensation nuclei in clouds microphysics, but also generating strong radiative forcing. Dust could reach Atlantic regions, Arabic Peninsula, Mediterranean and South European countries because of the local meteorology and winds. The source points are often in the Sahara desert. Using Satellites Spectroradiometry we could detect Dust over land and oceans. The Natural Sources of pollutants, such as Sahara desert dust outbreaks or ashes from vulcanoes, in many cases, could grow the bad air quality forecast and PM limits values measured could exeed the European Law recomendations, in that case the country has to pay to the Community a fee, but, if evidence of that is a Natural Pollutant it is not brought to the European Court. Here is presented a performed algorithm,...

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