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Ionospheric Positive And Negative Storm Phases Coexistence
от 5 016 руб.

Ionospheric science nowadays contributes to the science and technology of radio communications; the practical use of the ionosphere for communications is still great, and could be improved by further progress in the challenging field of predicting and forecasting. A vast range of electromagnetic emissions and magnetic pulsations originate in the ionosphere. In this book, a method of identifying negative (depletion) and positive (enhancement) phase manifestations of Geomagnetic storms which significantly affects the structure and dynamics of the F-region ionosphere had been examined. The peak monthly geomagnetic storms observed during the rise of solar cycle 23, in the year 2000 were presented. Data from a network of ionosondes stations located within the East Asian latitudinal sector of 40–65°N were employed.The result revealed the action of rapid heating of the polar atmosphere during energy income from the magnetosphere and an eastward electric field as factors to be considered. The...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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