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A techno-economic analysis of solar thermal power plant
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Solar energy is the most clean and renewable source of energy.In the present book a technical feasibility of 1MW solar thermal power plant is studied and specification of various part of STPP and various type of technology available for STPP are discussed. Based on the study it‘s found that parabolic trough and Fresnel reflector technology are best suited for Indian condition because of its low cost and simple technology as compared to other technologies. Further a economical viability study is carried out in which cost of different component of STPP are discussed and total initial cost of plant is find out. By taking different parameter the levelised energy cost has been calculated which found economical viable.A storage system is essential for better efficiency and continuous working of a solar thermal power plant. In the present book different type of heat storage technique are discussed and based on the study it conclude sensible heat storage system are best suited due to their...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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