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Synthesis gas purification unit design for small scale gasification
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Biomass currently has considerable attention as a potential substitute for fossil fuels in heat and power generation and the conversion of biomass by gasification into a fuel suitable for use in a gas engine is one of the various ways of utilization of biomass. Power generation using a gas engine operating on gas produced by the gasification of biomass is applicable to both developed and developing countries. However, the presence of impurities in the synthesis gas makes it necessary to clean the gaseous fuel before its use in any power generator. Therefore, the main concern of this work will be to address this problem by designing a synthesis gas purification unit for small scale fixed bed gasifiers. The unit is designed using ASPEN for a 100kW gasifier and the purified synthesis gas is to be used for an IC engine application. This book contains literature review on gasification and Syngas cleaning and design of the cleaning unit using ASPEN.It can be a valuable reference for...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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