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Design and Analysis of Two Stage Pulse Tube Refrigerator
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This work is usefull for the the branch of physics and Engineering that involves the study of producing temperatures in the range from practically zero to, say, 125 K and of material behavior at these temperatures. A cryocooler is a refrigeration machine that reaches temperatures below, say, 125 K with a small refrigeration capacity. The objectives of the present work describe the analysis, design and an experimental working model of two stage pulse tube refrigerator. By using the Experiment set-up, cooling Behavior of the refrigeration system and refrigeration power has been investigated. Test a Two stage pulse tube refrigerator in the cryogenics lab of Mechanical Engineering Department of L.D.College of engineering, Ahmedabad. This book can use for initiation design and experiment with pulse tube refrigerator.

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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