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A Stochastic Process to Determining the Pattern of Photocopy Expenses
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Xerography electrostatic dry-printing process for the reproduction process for the reproduction of images or documents widely employed in commerce and industry in copying machines. The process was inverted by the American physicist and patent Attarrey Chster F.Carlson in 1937 and first commercially developed in 1950.Xerox corporation manufacturer of photocopiers and other electronic office equipment with headquarters in Stamford conecticut.Xerox introduced the photocopier and experienced so much success with the product that the trademarked word became used as a generic term for photocophy.Besides copiers,the company’s product include facsimile machines printers,scanners,and software.A variety of automatic xerographic machines can reproduce half-tone photographs and can enlarge or reduce copy. They can be set to print on either one or both sides of paper to produce automatically a large or small number of copies without further intervention by the operator,and to sort and collate.A...

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