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Effect Of Forest Fire On Soil Properties In Degraded Shola Forest
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The conclusion drawn from the present study shows that there was an increase in bulk density, particle density, EC and soil available N and K while per cent pore space, water holding capacity, organic carbon while soil available P, Ca, Mg and S got declined. An increase in bacterial population and reduction in fungal and actinomycetes population was recorded. The fire has made a serious impact on vegetational composition due to the continuous promotion of retrogression by repeated fire occurrence. The effect of forest fire has heavily influenced the vegetation composition of the study site. The diversity indices and the vegetational study help to conclude that the type of fire occurring in the study site is crown fire and seriously damaging the tree strata in the vegetation. The analysis in the burnt and unburnt area showed that the forest has good regeneration potential especially after the monsoon period. However, the regeneration potential has been seriously affected due to...

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