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Psychology: An Introductory Study of the Structure and Function of Human Consciousness
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PREFACEPsychologists have hitherto devoted the larger part of their energy to investigating the structure of the mind. Of late, Iiowcvct, there has been manifest a disposition to deal more fully with its functional and genetic phases. To determine how consciousness develops and how it operates is felt to be quite as important as the discovery of its constituent elements. This book attempts to set forth in an elementary way the generally accepted facts and principles bearing upon these adjacent fields of psychological inquiry, so far as they pertain to the mind of man.Inasmuch as it is mental activity, rather than mental structure, which has immediate significance for thought and conduct, it is hoped that students of philosophy, as well as students of education, may find the book especially useful. The author has had the interests of such students constantly in mind.The differing conditions under which introductory courses in psychology are offered at various institutions render iAbout...

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