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Modeling the turbulent momentum transport in tokamak plasmas
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The magnetic confinement in tokamaks is for now the most advanced way towards energy production by nuclear fusion. Both theoretical and experimental studies showed that rotation generation can increase its performance by reducing the turbulent transport in tokamak plasmas. The rotation influence on the heat and particle fluxes is studied along with the angular momentum transport with the quasi-linear gyro-kinetic eigenvalue code QuaLiKiz. For this purpose, the QuaLiKiz code is modified in order to take the plasma rotation into account and compute the angular momentum flux. It is shown that QuaLiKiz framework is able to correctly predict the angular momentum flux including the ExB shear induced residual stress as well as the influence of rotation on the heat and particle fluxes. The different contributions to the turbulent momentum flux are studied and successfully compared against both non-linear gyro-kinetic simulations and experimental data.

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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