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Design of Hybrid Fuzzy Logic Controllers
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A number of academic and industrial researches incontrol systems have exposed the inherent weaknessesof PID control which are; rigidity, prohibitivecomputational complexity and non-applicability forintelligent and complex systems. Consequently, agroup of researchers have proposed fuzzy logiccontrol as a better alternative to PID control. Thisnotion has spawned numerous debates amongresearchers, experts and professionals in the fieldof control systems. As a result, this bookinvestigates and compares the performance oftraditional control techniques with fuzzy logiccontrol which will be optimized and made adaptive tothe variations of the sensor input. It will also beproven that fuzzy logic control is far more superiorin performance to the existing traditional controltechniques. These objectives were achieved throughthe use of MATLAB and SIMULINK to simulate, tweak andfine-tune the different cases for the response andtheir respective performance metrics. Interestinglyas expected, the...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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