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The Dark Matter Search
от 5 619 руб.

The hunt for dark matter is certainly one of the most pressing quest of modern physics, its existence is a fundamental need precisely because of its simple and clever way to deal with astrophysical and cosmological problems. AMS-02, on the International Space Station, is running after great scientific goals since two years: the final setting up for dark matter searches allows to study antiparticle to particle ratios, which will probably be the first dark matter signals ever corroborated. Many statements have been written down in this book about DM properties and detectability, building up a dark matter search phenomenological guideline for space-born experiments. Dark matter should be a heavy Majorana fermion or boson, with a mass from about 1 to 10 TeV - unveiling a new TeV-ish search age - able to originate antiparticle fluxes enhancements at high energies, both for positrons and antiprotons. All the observations point to these new paradigms. Moreover, these cosmic rays...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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