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Fundamentals of Gravitoelectromagnetism
от 5 108 руб.

The book Fundamentals of Gravitoelectromagnetism contains the elementary ideas of four basic natural forces and an approach towards their unification. Unification of gravitational and electromagnetic fields affirms charge and matter do exist together and both are dregs of EM field. Mass-charge-space creation and energy annihilation is a simultaneous and spontaneous reversible universe process and occurs in immeasurable units beyond the applicability of the physical laws. Space is a complex function of basic natural forces and it increases symmetrically with constant rate in the beginning. Space and time do not have the same origin instead the space may have begun before the origin of time and it may have come into quantum existence with thrice of the Planck’s volume within the framework of applicability of physical laws when it already had an age. The elucidation of the book is in quite simple lingo and straight forward without ambiguities with clear illustrations. The undergraduate,...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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