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Bio-oil Production from Woody biomass and Poultry Litter
от 8 086 руб.

Fast pyrolysis, an ancient technology used by Egyptians in tar production for caulking boats and in making certain embalming agents. Recently, this process is used to convert biomass to liquid fuel and it also attracted a lot of interest from industry and academia due to its high oil yield. Bio-oil can be produced from various biomass feedstock that are regionally appropriate. Small diameter trees removed from forests have verylittle economic value in the current market , and the utilization of underutilized biomass to bio-oil could be a niche market for energy production. Also, United States of America is the largest poultry producing country in the world, and has substantial amount of poultry litter available. The main objective of this work was to produce high pH value bio-oil using cheap and simple methods so that it (bio-oil) can be used at-least used in existing refineries with no or minimum upgrading .

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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