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Hawking Temperature of Linear Dilaton and Grummiler black holes
от 3 774 руб.

In this book, we study the Hawking radiation (HR) of non-asymptotically flat (NAF) four-dimensional (4D) static and spherically symmetric (SSS) black holes (BHs) via the Hamilton-Jacobi (HJ) and the Parikh-Wilczek tunneling (PWT) methods. Specifically for this purpose, linear dilaton BH (LDBH) and Grumiller BH (GBH) or alias Grumiller-Mazharimousavi-Halilsoy BH (GMHBH) are taken into consideration. We should state that the GMHBH has the same metric structure with the GBH. The most important difference between them is the theories in which they are derived. While the GBH belongs to the Einstein’s theory, the GMHBH is the solution to the f(R) theory. For the GBH, we also study the quantization of its entropy/area via the quasinormal modes (QNMs).

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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