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Theoretical Estimations Of Electron Impact Collision Cross Sections
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Scattering of electrons is a fundamental phenomenon where energetic electrons interact with matter. Knowledge of electron scattering cross sections is an important and indispensable tool for the quantitative and qualitative analysis of various interaction processes. Present work finds the applications in varieties of fields such as gas discharges, plasma, radiation chemistry, planetary atmospheres mass spectrometry, studies relevant to astrophysics, atmospheric physics, Plasma physics, radiation physics etc. For any model study towards understanding the local chemistry, one requires electron impact total scattering cross sections over a wide energy range from meV to MeV. Despite of the great advancement in the field of the experiment and theoretical techniques still we are unable to meet the demands of myriads of data users. There is a need for more generic and faster calculations to provide data to the user community on their time scales. Present work may not suffice the needs,...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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