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Funnel Cake Vending Business: Funnel Cakes Have Delighted Americans For Years!
от 1 954 руб.

A concession business can be an ideal first shot at becoming and entrepreneur, particularly given it’s relatively low cost of entry and great flexibility. For the purpose of this manual, I am focusing on funnel cake vending throughout this manual, I will be interchanging the common term of “vending” as related to this specialty. Funnel cakes are easily one of America's favorite sweet treats! From ballparks and fairs to carnivals and festivals, it's difficult to imagine a summer without getting one of these fun fried cakes. Most often, funnel cakes are made by pouring batter into hot oil through a funnel. The batter is deep fried until it is crunchy and golden brown and then it is covered in jam, powdered sugar or another sweet topping. This manual will not guarantee success. You have to work hard and have the determination to succeed.

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