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For The Love Of Cyprus: A Tale of Love, War and Honor.
от 1 956 руб.

Against the elegant backdrop of a large plantation on the turbulent island of Cyprus, this story tells of a young woman's coming of age, as she comes to grips with love and sadness in every sense of the term. November 1973. Spurred by her beloved father's dying wish, Zoe Polemos travels to his homeland of Cyprus to bury him but soon finds herself entangled in a web of love, lies, and murder involving her father's will and her new love Michaela??s family. It becomes increasingly difficult to negotiate the minefield of true allegiance as those she trusts suddenly appear to be enemies. Is the enigmatic Michael truly her greatest ally or her greatest foe? Will scandalous family secrets and the invasion of the Turkish army onto the island put a halt to everything and destroy them? Is death always the winner?

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