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Therapautic Horticulture in Human Life
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Nature has a distinct characteristic of having spatial and temporal variation, which is continuously degraded by the modern development in its build environment. Advancement of science and technology in this Hi-tech age has driven us into an era of ease and comfort, but at the same time took us far away from the natural affection of nature. This materialistic life style has largely contributed to immense physical and psychological stress, trauma, anxiety, fatigue, disturbance in social harmony and health discomforts. Human nature is inheritably and traditionally associated to natural world. Green environment has a natural Psychological manipulating ability, such as positive distraction, which always works as a recognized effective alternative cognitive strategy to cope with pain and stress. Nature has an innate soothing and calming effect on human psyche. Nurturing plants can ameliorate stress and improve emotional and social states of beings providing maintenance for healthy life....

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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