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Ecologically efficient resource recovery of electronic waste
от 7 155 руб.

I find the work very interesting and useful from the scientific point of view as well as social impact. Identification of E-waste and quantification of the same both at global level as well as Indian conditions, stressing the need to recycle in order to save precious metals and other valuables is timely and exemplary. The various crude backyard practices listed are frightening when considering the impact on human health and environment degradation. The dismantling of various electronic equipment, detailed step by step deserves commendation. The useful characterization data of the present study is sparsely available and hence forms a source for further studies. The recovery process for Metals, Plastics and Glass are dealt with and presented scientifically. They are brought out systematically and their usefulness is appropriately stressed. The Chapter 8 is very well brought out with the apt conclusions " The combination of both Environmental monitoring and health monitoring...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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