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Road Accident Analysis Factors
от 5 016 руб.

Road accidents are increasing every day and especially in Christmas, summer holidays or weekends. Lots of people lose their lives on the roads and it is very difficult to resolve this problem which affects almost to the whole world. Not only the people can die, they can be injury and don?t get to recover of their wounds in all their lives. There are several causes of road accidents and I?m going to mention some of them that I think they are the main causes: don’t respect the speed limit, drive drunk, drive many hours without rest, don’t put attention at the road, don’t be patient, bad conditions of roads, bad weather (snow, flog, rain,…), and there are more but I think that these are the most important. Firstly if we want to solve this problem, we have to realize that to drive is not a play. We manage a machine very dangerous that it could kill anybody and there laws that we have to carry out. Everybody like to buy a big car that it can run a high speed but we have to realize that...

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