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On Graviton Bombs
от 5 016 руб.

It is well known to the scientific community that the famous Russian mathematician''s Non Euclidean geometry findings were not accepted by experts for 45 long years.Fractals was denied publication by editors and referees of professional research journals for 30 years. Bose''s new statistical concept, Princess Louis De Broglie''s matter waves idea and Pauli''s exclusive principle of quantum mechanics were not accepted when they were proposed. Only Einstein approved freely frankly and fearlessly immediately after reading these famous ground breaking inventions. The author of this book , ON GRAVITON BOMBS is very well aware that the whole research world will be too reluctant to agree with this project.But the author is confident ; very confident ; in fact too confident that the making of graviton bombs will become a reality in the nearest future.In the late nineteenth century , mathematicians made it clear that to prove the Euclidean parallel postulate as a special theorem from the...

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