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Statistical Inference in Non-Linear Models in Econometrics
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In the present book, Chapter-I is an introductory one. It gives general introduction about the nonlinear regression models. A brief review about the existing inferential procedures for nonlinear regression models has been give in Chapter-II. It contains various nonlinear methods, of estimation based on nonlinear least squares and maximum likelihood methods, besides the methods by using some numerical analysis procedures.Chapter-II and IV describe the specification and estimation of some important nonlinear production function models such as Cobb-Douglas, Constant Elasticity of Substitution (CES), Variable Elasticity of Substitution (VES) and Transcedental Logarithmic (Translog) Production functions. Some new Inferential procedures for certain nonlinear regression models have been proposed and developed in Chapter V. The directions for further research along with the conclusions have been presented in Chapter-VI. General selected references regarding nonlinear regression models...

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