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Bandwidth Enhancement of Rectangular Microstrip Patch for Ku Band
от 5 016 руб.

Microstrip patch antenna is one of the most important types of antenna, which is widely used for spacecraft, satellite, missile applications etc., where size, cost and ease of operation are the major factors. But here one thing is very pertinent to mention that microstrip antennas possess low efficiency and narrow percentage bandwidth, which is a major drawback of it and it is my major concern to improve these constraints. To overcome the problem of narrow bandwidth, I am using a superstrate of some height of substrate above the patch and capacitive coupling between patch and feed line in my work in order to enhance the bandwidth and efficiency of antenna using HFSS software. HFSS is an acronym for High Frequency Structure Simulator, which is an interactive simulation system software whose basic mesh element is a tetrahedron. This allows us to solve any arbitrary 3D geometry, especially those with complex curves and shapes in a fraction of the time it would take using other...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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