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Unlaunch'd Voices An Evening with Walt Whitman
от 1 344 руб.

a??I know that Leaves of Grass has proven to be worse than a failurea?¦I cannot separate the book from myselfa?¦a?? This inspirational play, written with Walt Whitman's own words and poetry, takes place on May 30, 1889, Walt Whitmana??s seventieth birthday. A celebration dinner to honor the poet is scheduled and many friends and celebrated guests are to attend. As Whitman prepares himself for the event, we, the audience, are an intimate visitor in his room. Walt welcomes us and starts to reminisce, questioning his success as a man and a poet. This search leads us through Whitmana??s life- a journey filled with humor, pathos and poetry. As we witness the a??mystical experiencea?? that inspired the creation of Leaves of Grass, Walt transforms into his younger self. We hear of his strong opposition to censorship, his celebratory views on sex and the human body, and his struggle with his sexual self. We learn about the harsh reception of his critics and the now famous letter of...

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