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Phase Correlation Algorithm For Video Tracking
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Object detection in videos involves verifying the presence of an object in image sequences and possibly locating it precisely for recognition. Object tracking is to monitor an object’s spatial and temporal changes during a video sequence, including its presence, position, size, shape, etc. This is done by solving the temporal correspondence problem, the problem of matching the target region in successive frames of a sequence of images taken at closely-spaced time intervals. These two processes are closely related because tracking usually starts with detecting objects, while detecting an object repeatedly in subsequent image sequence is often necessary to help and verify tracking. The book presents a novel approach for object tracking which is a combination of 2D phase correlation and Kalman filter.The following areas are covered. All coding and development process was carried out in MatLab 7.4(R2007a). • Study of image processing and phase correlation algorithm. • Study of Kalman...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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