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The Nimrod
от 2 121 руб.

Read THE NIMROD, the a??brilliantly original and astonishingly funny booka?? from Mark Kelliher, a Hollywood veteran of the Farrelly Brothers/Jim Carrey & Renee Zellweger cult classic film a??Me, Myself and Irene,a??Bill Murraya??s a??Osmosis Jones,a?? Cartoon Network and countless publications. A novel SOCO a??New Englanda??s Favorite Magazinea?? recently featured to ita??s extensive multi-state readership for being: a??sometimes sarcastic, sometimes outraged, always funny.a?? THE NIMROD: Gary Sloanea??s life is one gigantic, hilarious MESS! Now 31 years old and life-wrecked on Cape Cod, hea??s forsaken his degree in Computer Engineering (Boooooooring!!!) to embark on lifea??s purposely less-traveled road; a road so pock-marked with poverty, nonsense and endless troubles that no sensible person has ever even dared to travel it. Gary operates the worst landscaping business in Cape Cod history - an enterprise so ridiculous ita??s literally nameless. With positively zero...

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