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Stability and Diversity Analysis in Tomato Genotypes
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As we know that since from last few years climate change is drastic and its a challenge to Plant Breeders to develop the varieties which can produce consistently under such climate change era. Keeping this problem in mind we tested our promising tomato genotypes for their stability over different location to select the genotypes which could be superior over different climatic situations. Also the diversity or variability is one of the important aspect for developing superior breeding lines. So here we have done study regarding diversity analysis among tomato genotypes to select more diverse genotypes for further breeding program. Here we have worked out both morphological as well as molecular diversity. Morphological diversity which is based on morphological data can be affected with environment. So there is need to support it with Molecular diversity which can not be influenced by environment and helps in proper estimation of diversity present among genotypes. In this book we have...

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