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Cellulose and Oil Production from Annual Crops
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Conversion of agricultural products to bio-energy can take many forms. Among the conversion options are ethanol from cellulose and biodiesel from vegetable oils. Cellulosic ethanol can be produced from several sources including lumber waste, forest undergrowth, perennial grasses, and stover from annual starch crops. The first paper in this dissertation focuses on the use of stover from sorghum and corn as a feedstock for cellulosic ethanol. Plant density is reviewed as a potential influence on the production of biomass. Biodiesel production can occur from multiple oil seed crops, dried distiller’s grains with solubles, and yellow grease. Increasing annual oil yield from oil seed crops will contribute to the availability of biodiesel if fuel use increase does not exceed biodiesel production potential from the oil yield increase. The second chapter attempts to increase annual oil yield by testing multiple crop combinations for oil yield. Demand for oil seed crops can influence the...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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