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Nano Positioning Control Using Magnetostrictive Actuators
от 6 039 руб.

Recently, a growing demand for micropositioning actuators is seen in industry. Smart materials such as piezoceramics and magnetostrictive materials are often utilized in these actuators. These materials exhibit some degree of nonlinearity and hysteresis that makes them difficult to control. An accurate hysteresis model and closed-loop feedback system is needed to satisfy the application requirements. This book addresses the recent advances in modeling and control of hysteretic systems. Different hysteresis models for magnetostrictive materials are studied. While this book includes some advanced controllers for hysteretic systems, it is mainly focused on PID control. Most existing smart actuator controllers utilize PID controllers. Performance and limits of these controllers are studied in detail for the applications. The results presented in this book are demonstrated using experiments performed on a magnetostrictive actuator. These results are useful to researchers who work on...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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