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Process Parameter Optimization of P.C.M. of Copper by Ferric Chloride
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This book summarize machining techniques depends upon the photochemical process or called as a non-conventional machining processes. The technique is relatively modern and became established as a manufacturing process about fifty years ago. The processing technology has been kept a closely guarded secret within a small number of industrial companies but despite this, the sales of parts made by PCM at the end of the twentieth century was approximately US$ 6 billion. Using techniques similar to those employed for the production of copper printed circuit boards and silicon integrated circuits, the PCM industry currently plays a valuable role worldwide in the production of a very wide range of precision parts and decorative items. The study is necessary to investigate the performance in different ranges, and to find the global optimum parameters. It is necessary to find out single optimum parameters setting to satisfy the requirements of excellent etching quality. There is need to study...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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