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Bagasse: Non-Asbestos Free Brake Pad Materials
от 5 016 руб.

The brake pads generally consist of asbestos fibres embedded in polymeric matrix along with several other ingredients. The use of asbestos fibre is been avoided due to its carcinogenic nature. Therefore a new asbestos free friction material and brake pads has been developed. It is envisioned that future developments in the tend of brake friction materials will closely mimic the current trends of the automotive industry. In this book, a review of the materials and constituents currently used in automotive brake friction material after the phasing- out of asbestos is presented The need to develop a new material (i.e asbestos) replacement in this area as friction material and yet maintaining the same mechanical properties still remains a bone of contention. The purpose of this book hence, is to develop a new asbestos-free brake pad using bagasse (sugar cane waste). Since bagasse is readily available and very cheap to obtain. The authors hope that this book will...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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