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Total Synthesis of -Mueggelone, Herbarumin-I, Stagonolide A & F
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This monograph introduces the excellent application of olefin metathesis approah for total synthesis biologically potent 10-membered lactone derived natural products, such as (+)-Mueggelone (a novel inhibitor of fish development), Herbarumin-I (Which interacts with bovine-brain calmodulin and inhibited the activation of the calmodulin-dependent enzyme cAMP phosphodiesterase and should have physiological effects of agrochemical and medicinal interest), and Stagonolides (which were shown to be a nonhost-speci?c but selective phytotoxin. Leaves of C. arvense were most sensitive and leaves of tomato and pepper (both Solanaceae) were less sensitive to stagonolide, and demonstrated to be a strong inhibitor of root growth in seedlings of C. arvense and some other Asteraceae species). Herbarumins & Stagonolides could be served as eco-friendly effective plant pathogens compared to environmentally restricted chemical herbicides. This monograph is unique in dealing with the synthetic protocols...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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