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Novel Porphyrins and Their Metal Complexes
от 6 039 руб.

This book dealing with porphyrins chemistry, as its introduction is gathering a lot of published work in different porphyrins chemistry(natural and synthetic). The second part is my Ph. D. work in Erlangen with Priv. Doz. Dr. N. Jux which I would like deeply to thank him for his help in this new field for me. This work depending on starting model was known in Jux group, modifying of this starting porphyrins in order to obtain new chiral porphyrins with different metal complexes. Zinc, Nickel, Coppper, Cobalt and two oxidation states of Manganese was synthesized (paramagnetic green Mn(III) and diamagnetic red Mn(V) porphyrins. This work was a hard three years work in the lab. with sometimes surprising results. synthesis and characterisation of novel porphyrins and their metal complexes was accomplished, utilizing modern porphyrin chemistry and spectroscopic tools such as NMR, IR, UV/Vis spectroscopy, FAB mass spectrometry, cyclic voltammetry and elemental analysis.

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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