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Activated Nitriles in Heterocyclic Synthesis
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The introduction part in this work presents a systematic and comprehensive survey of the methods of preparation and the chemical reactivity of cyanoacetamide derivatives. These compounds are important intermediates for the synthesis of a variety of otherwise difficulty accessible, synthetically useful and novel heterocyclic systems, for this reason. We focused our aim to use starting material possess a wide variety of potentially useful applications including biological, clinical and pharmacological areas. We found 4-aminoantipyrine (4AAP) possess the previously mentioned properties, so we used it as precursor to prepare polyfunctionally substituted heterocyclic compounds. The work divided into two parts, the first part discussed the utilization of N-(cyanoacetyl) aminoantipyrine for building new heterocyclic compounds. The second part discussed the formation of novel heterocyclic rings via the use of antipyrinylhydrazonomalononitrile as starting material. Both two parts followed...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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