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Epitaxy of compound semiconductors and irradiation technology
от 6 960 руб.

The increasing importance of semiconductors is due to the fact that they have been and still are the basic materials for the technological revolutions of electronics over the last fifty years. This “Epitaxy of Compound Semiconductors and irradiation technology” addresses the need for a book that summarises the current status and recent advances in semiconductor materials and the application of ion beam technology. The volume begins with the introduction to various epitaxial techniques with emphasis given to liquid phase epitaxy. The experimental procedures for the growth of III-V and II-V compound semiconductors and the effect of ion beam irradiation are addressed in detail. Over 100 references and web sites guide the reader to further details, be it specific information for industrial application and research or a broad overview for policy makers. We are confident that such range of experimental details provided in this volume should constitute an adequate...

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    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
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